The Andros Trophy 2020
The Andros Trophy 2020

The Andros Trophy 2020

Racing on ice. The Andros Trophy has been running since 1990 and attracts the world’s best drivers and car manufacturers. A glamorous and spectacular event, it consists of further races in mountain resorts namely: Andorra, Isola 2000, Serre Chevalier, Lans en Vercors and Clermont Ferand/Super Besse, with a grand finale pitting the leaders against each other in the Stade de France, Paris.

The ice tracks are prepared weeks in advance in each of the resorts, habitually and rigorously sprayed with water to ensure an even and stable coating of ice. The unpredictable alpine weather conditions can make for exciting viewing when ice melts or re-forms at unexpected points of the race.

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Release: 2020-12-05

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