Roar Combat League
Roar Combat League

Roar Combat League

Watch Roar Combat League on Ayozat.com streaming now in HD for free. Combat Sports Streaming for free on Ayozat! - A unique look into a side of MMA that only a few know and only Genia can give. Forget pay-per-view. Forget championship belts or sanctioning bodies. This is Mixed Martial Arts combat in its purest, rawest form. Follow Jim Genia into the illicit world of vale tudo (anything goes). Locations are always changing and known only to a few, from run-down, shuttered gyms to speakeasy combat cages. The ruthless damage exacted on the human body leaves a trail of hard-won scars. The fighters battle for everything but a payday, risking it all for honour and pride. In a world of conformity, these are men of action who struggle against rules, selling out and their own demons. Jim Genia offers on-the-mat access to a brutal arena and the men who spill their blood there.

Genre: Sports

Director: Umesh Perera

Country: UK

Release: 2021-06-11

Duration: 46min

Quality: HD

Rating: 3


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