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On the Caffeinated Cooper Show you will find traditional style interviews of all types of people from around the world. Her interviews are warm, engaging and completely different from the traditional format. In the segments you will literally feel like a fly-on-the-wall while watching a new friendship bud. Elizabeth is constantly complimented on her style and line-of-questioning, which is unique. The show has hosted leading actors such as James Dumont, Paul Logan, Jon Mack and more. She has hosted many leaders in their craft that inspire and create within their community. She doesn't host gossip or politics, but she does host real, live, grounded, informative content for the avid viewer of the show or for a fan of a particular guest. The Caffeinated Cooper Show also hosts special segments that entertain the masses. Such as: " TCCS Out-of-the-box". That is a Holiday Gift Special, "TCCS The Biz with Liz & Ken", "TCCS Saturday PM news" and "TCCA Murder & Mystery with Elizabeth & Cyrus".

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