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Watch Bogglesox TV on Ayozat.com streaming now in HD for free. Classic Kids Shows for free on Ayozat! Clever, unique family-friendly shows! Bogglesox TV is different from the mainstream and proudly so. It’s a fun, trusted place for 0-8-year-olds, priding itself on the variety it offers. It’s not a one tone destination but aims to help small kids expand the range of their screen-time during their vital early years. Based in the UK we have created a rich mix of original and classic shows to make children laugh, feel and think. From simple nursery rhymes to spooky, wildly funny shows for the older ones, we have plenty. And all the time we’re enjoying ourselves while learning language or numbers, discovering classic stories, understanding the social and emotional side of life, and picking up interesting facts about the world around us. So come and enjoy our eclectic mix of shows, full of music, action, color, learning and emotional journeys. We are continually adding new shows, so keep coming back.

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